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Re-hosting and Downsizing
for a leading insurance provider

We have innovated the platform for the management of life insurance policies for an important insurance company, reducing management costs and ensuring continuity of service.

Approach & Solution



Reducing management costs and ensuring continuity of service. In order to reach these goals, an insurance company of a large Italian banking group, with which we had already established a successful collaboration, asked for our support.

The challenge was to carry out an important downsizing and re-hosting project for the platform dedicated to the management of life insurance policies, without abandoning the mission-critical application procedure on Mainframe.

In this way we innovated their systems continuing to guarantee company branches the free access to the platform whenever an insured client asked to view or modify his policy.


Engineering D.HUB, part of Engineering Group, developed a complete re-hosting project, including operational and system management of the new Unix AIX environment, physical data back-up management, monitoring and control services, service level reporting and service disaster recovery. The new platform, based on an open environment, gives companies flexibility in the use of additional resources at lower costs and offers a wide choice of solutions for application and network implementations.

By downsizing, we optimised the project time, reducing the duration of the technological phase of source code migration and reducing the possibility of error.
Finally, we minimised the organisational impacts by maintaining the functionalities of legacy applications and user interfaces.


50% cost reduction

Continuity and quality of the service

Flexibility and adaptability of the solution

+35% processing performance improvement

Project value

Process performance
Cost cutting

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