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Road safety from the crowd

Road safety from the crowd

Crowdsharing goes on board: a mobile app enables reporting and sharing of road hazards for smart mobility.

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Crowdsourcing is a phenomenon that has changed the way people interact within many communities, creating advantages which come from the power of peer-to-peer sharing of data, information and resources.
The potential of this "collaborative" approach is immense and we at Engineering try to provide the tools and services that are useful for making the most of it. An example is the project that led to the creation of CrOwd MObility Data App, a smartphone app that allows the driver to report - quickly and without being the cause of distraction - events that are critical for driving and transmit them to a remote server for processing. This occurs by also incorporating the driver's GPS position, sensory data picked up by the smartphone and any additional photographs in the analysis.
The app takes advantage of the smartphone's voice commands through the use of the Google Voice API, avoiding any kind of visual, cognitive or manual distraction.


At the same time, thanks to this process of gathering information, other users can access it and receive updates automatically and in real time on critical road situations nearby, with details on the type of critical road event, their position on the map (Google Maps), the level of associated risk and possible actions for eliminating/mitigating it. Insurance companies (Finance) are greatly interested in this app, because access to such a source of information and data can provide a substantial competitive advantage.


The application is extremely useful both for the end user, in terms of greater safety while driving, and for the business user, insofar as it:
- Enables acquisition of knowledge on the driving context and the environmental component.
- Evaluates the risk of road accidents in advance.

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