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RPA: anti-money laundering has a new partner

From 60 to 2 minutes to complete a procedure without making mistakes. This is one of the goals we have achieved by automating the processes of a well-known private banking institution.

Approach & Solution



Our Client is a Private Banking Institution, part of a large Italian Banking Group, with over 6,000 private bankers, over 700,000 customers and €220 billions of funds managed.
Recently, it identified the need to streamline specific processes and, at the same time, to free up the centralized anti-money laundering unit from activities related to the research and collection of data needed for the Anti Money Laundering (AML) evaluation of its customers.

This is a people-intensive, repetitive and time-consuming activity (from 40 to 60 min for each procedure), where collected data comes from multiple information providers.
The Bank's objective was to streamline this process, eliminating the accumulation of backlog practices and eliminating the rework due to errors during the data collection phase.


To meet our client's needs, Engineering D.HUB, our company for outsourcing and Cloud migration services, developed an "attended" RPA solution, based on NICE technology.
Specifically, we provided three pools of robots that, starting from a small set of information provided by operators belonging to the AML Office, carry out all activities for the collection of data from multiple information provides: data access, research, collection and storage.

By arranging the pool of robots in 3 separated groups, according to the different kinds of information providers, we have optimized database access allowing to elaborate a higher number of procedures. Because of such impacts, the solution has been extended also to other business groups and process areas.


Reduced risk assessment time, from 60 to 2 minutes

24/7 process starts in only 2 minutes

Zero error margin

Around 400 evaluations per month

Project value

Process performance
Cost cutting

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