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RPA for the virtual bank

RPA for the virtual bank

Our RPA-based solution optimises process execution of the different financial areas managed by our Client's virtual unit.

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Our client was one of Italy’s first banks to be inspired by the “Credito Popolare” (“People’s Credit”) movement, and now accounts for hundreds of branches and customers in Italy. It has carried out several digital transformation initiatives for customers, internal organization and process optimization, with the aim of diminishing user's low-value added activities while increasing competence, performance and job quality.

In the light of the above, our Client decided to boost its virtual unit that manages customer service for Top Clients (1 million potential customers, in Italy).


The project was carried out by Engineering D.HUB, which arranged a continuous collaboration model with the Client, in order to adopt Robotic Process Automation solutions.

Thanks to the NICE platform, several automation packages have been released - with related management, support and evolution activities - in order to rearrange virtual unit's activities. Today, 12 tasks/processes are up and running on different areas of the virtual unit: Special Credits Office, ordinary mortgages, agreements, loans, Credit Quality Control Office, International Service, forex and treasury, hedging and trading, physical and financial gold, support on foreign markets and more.


Over 20 employees reallocated on value-added activities

Error-free and improved procedures

Reduced time to collect reports on external databases (-80%)

Reduced processing time for Clients' procedures, from 1h to 20 min (-70%)

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