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RPA for the virtual bank

RPA for the virtual bank

This RPA-based solution optimises and speeds up process execution and releases the virtual bank’s employees from routine manual tasks.

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Our client was one of Italy’s first banks to be inspired by the “Credito Popolare” (“People’s Credit”) movement. With hundreds of branches and account servicing banks spread across several regions of the country, it is continually rethinking and developing its services for customers. The bank operates one virtual unit, which looks after resident business customers throughout Italy and could potentially service a customer base of up to one million people. The activities performed by the virtual unit include the commercial customer service function and the back-office processing of routine procedures. Such activities, including the opening of current accounts, the issuing of credit cards, and the provision of loans, involve approximately one hour of work on the user’s part along with large-scale manual software actions for data entry purposes.


Our Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution was the ideal tool for supporting this project, which is aimed at improving efficiency and streamlining desktop processes so as to improve the service provided to customers. The solution was a success, as shown by the fact that, since being introduced for the virtual unit, it has now been rolled out to other offices.


Freeing up staff for higher value activities

Improvement of the procedures, now error free

Time needed for writing reports reduced by 80%

Demographic data processing is 70% more rapid

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