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SAFE&SMART: IoT for food safety

A research project that brings into play new enabling technologies for food safety and the integrity of agri-food chains in a global scenario.

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The agri-food sector is undergoing profound transformations to respond effectively to regulatory changes and new market needs, conditioned by problems related to food safety.

SAFE&SMART research project promotes an integrated approach to all the main aspects related to food safety, providing the actors in the supply chain with innovations for the different phases. Among the most significant developments we find monitoring and warning diagnostic systems, able not only to identify contaminants and sources of contamination, but also to send alerts in case of the identification of dangerous levels, in order to promptly implement adequate corrective measures and avoid risk spreading in the production processes.

During the project, a multi-channel and multi-device information platform will also be implemented, and will be oriented to the integrity of the food supply chains and new packaging, with high functional characteristics, capable of improving the shelf life of products and equipped with innovative sensors / labels that can interact with home appliances and communication means.


SAFE&SMART project sees Engineering involved in the creation of the information platform based on service oriented, multichannel and multidevice architecture, to guarantee the integrity of the agri-food chains and their traceability.

Our team also supports the creation of an information system that connects the refrigerator appliance to the various information devices, and a web application with which to facilitate user access to information on the status of the food stored in the appliance.
Finally, we will provide our skills for the creation of a distributed wireless network of sensor nodes, able to acquire environmental data relating to the quality of the air and irrigation and rainwater in order to trace the origin of chemical contaminants.

Project realized thanks to the co-financing of the PON Research and Innovation 2014-2020 (


Support to agri-food operators in responding to regulatory changes

Greater competitiveness and product protection for the manufacturer

Greater ability to meet market needs related to food safety problems

More transparency and safety for the consumer

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