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E-Health in the lab

E-Health in the lab

Digital healthcare tools for automating, integrating and monitoring one of Europe's leading analysis laboratories.

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The project has been promoted by one of the best Italian laboratories, a prime example of excellence within the European healthcare service because of the high volume of samples analyzed as well as the high level of automation achieved. The authority has created a diagnostic network, consisting of more than 30 blood sampling points and tens of analysis laboratories, fully integrated and interconnected with other regional health information systems that provide health services and equipped with automation solutions in the clinical sector.


To meet the needs of the healthcare authority, we have developed a digital healthcare project exploiting the functional richness of a customized system based on AREAS®, our diagnostic platform, and guided by our long-standing system integration skills in the management of clinical data.
We have developed two solutions with innovative technologies:
  • A business intelligence dashboard to analyse operational data (e.g. reagent volumes used and number of tests performed) and clinical-type data (e.g. test reports).
  • An automatic validation tool for verification of the appropriateness of the prescription, to avoid unnecessary tests and act on control of spending.


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