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In Sardinia, medical examinations are just a click away

Managing over 5 million bookings across 150 healthcare facilities: now is possible thanks to our innovative centralised solution.

Approach & Solution



Our company has always been a point of reference for the development and management of information systems in the healthcare sector.
A special case is that of the Sardinia Region, where we are technological partners of the "Integrated Regional Healthcare Information System" (SISaR). This project is unique in Italy, since Sardinia is the only region to have a unique and integrated IT system for the governance of all healthcare, in full logic of what is called "Digital Health".


Among the various activities within scope and successfully completed, we contributed to the development of an integrated and innovative Unique Appointments Booking Center (CUP) that covers the entire region; it is capable of smartly managing the entire life cycle of a request, from first user contact (via call center, counters, web portal) to final medical reports.
We have thus decided to implement the AREAS® Web Booking System, the proprietary Engineering platform used to manage all the services related to the booking management.

This process called for the integration of interconnected third-party systems widespread throughout the region, such as:
  • Centralized registers and identification systems for applicants (e.g. via smart card).
  • Electronic prescription systems and computerized systems for individual facilities and laboratories.
  • Online payment systems or automatic cash registers.
  • Reminder systems for the citizen.
  • Regional Electronic Healthcare Record for archiving and access to medical reports.


8,000 outpatient clinics are handled

Over 150 public facilities and private centers

Over 5 million annual healthcare service bookings

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