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an App for safe travel
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With our solution we support Regione Sardegna in tracing arrivals and stays on the island in advance, easily and safely.

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The crisis caused by Covid-19 is also rewriting our way of traveling, leading us to use technology to safeguard our health and that of those who live in the place of destination of our trip.

Since the early stages of the emergency, the Sardinia Region has used digital technologies to manage procedures for the protection of public health. Today, in the post-emergency phase, with the reopening of the usual and important tourist season, the Region needs to track arrivals on the island in advance, easily and safely.


Thanks to our technological skills, in particular Mobile Application and UX & Service Design, we have developed the SardegnaSicura App with the Region, which allows tourists (and returning citizens) to communicate their arrival in advance.

Through the App, or with the online procedure on the portal of the Region, before departure it is possible to indicate the main information on the stay (such as places and dates), and to receive an electronic response to be shown before boarding.

A few days after departure, the visitor is required to communicate some information on his state of health, concerning both current and previous days: this too can be performed quickly with a short questionnaire accessible from the App or from the portal. The App also allows the optional tracking of your movements during your stay, respecting privacy and public health.


Organic and complete governance for the Region

Safeguarding the local economy thanks to tourism

Better health security for citizens (visitors and residents)

Quick activation of new digital processes

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