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Cloud-platform VAS services

Cloud-platform VAS services

An innovative solution for the in-cloud management of all value-added service (VAS) providers connected to the operator by subscription.

Approach & Solution



Our client is a South American company, leader in the telecommunications industry with more than 10000 employees and tens of milions of clients.
The company needed an innovative solution for managing all the value-added service (VAS) providers connected to the operator via subscription.

Our team of experts therefore implemented a connected cloud platform at an external level to the client; this ensures that all suppliers are connected to the operator’s platforms only after an accurate handling of sensitive data.


Our solution is based on three main pillars:
  • Provision: End users who want to acquire a service can activate it via the web, by SMS message, or via URA channels. After completing the process at operator level, the information is sent to a platform, where the data is managed in accordance with the correct rules.
  • Top-up: Once a valid signature has been obtained for the subscription, the platform starts to check all the information relating to the user billing requested by the service providers, such as the tariffs involved, the validity of the service period, the results, and the service life cycle.
  • Messaging: Any messages associated with the “Start of Service” and the “End of Service” are monitored and transmitted by the application. The same applies to “Renewal” messages and to any incoming content from suppliers, including MMS messages.

In addition, the service bundles included in the subscribers’ tariff plans are covered by the solution.


Over 60 million Brazilian Reals per month

2000 transactions per second

Better control of every top up information

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