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Smart Mobility in the North of Italy

Smart Mobility in the North of Italy

A model of sustainable innovation that broadens the tourist experience by enabling free movement without a car.

Approach & Solution



Our client is a Tourist District which covers five municipalities. Local inhabitants are more than 10000, while more than million tourists visit and stay in the area each year.
The main street that crosses the district is a small two-lane road trafficked by heavy vehicles, city buses and tourist buses. Furthermore, the tourist center that extends from the lake to the mountains does not have public transport.
The obvious infrastructural difficulties, combined with the strong appeal of the territory to tourists, lead to a large number of vehicles travelling through the five municipalities, which is devastating from the point of view of both congestion and pollution.


The sustainable city solution proposed by our Engineering team includes a technological platform for the development and management of an infrastructure of electrical solutions so that tourists and citizens can move without cars throughout the territory.
The goal is to make the territory a model of sustainable tourism innovation that combines improvement of the travel experience with greater freedom of movement.
The proposal for managing the entire tourist accessibility strategy is characterized by:
  • Outsourced management of district accessibility.
  • Creation of a web platform for the management of integrated tourist services over the territory through smart payment solutions, app and remote support.
  • Development of a mobility system through the creation of 5 ZTLs (limited traffic zones) with barriers, controls and two (or more) obligatory car parks for tourists.
  • Implementation of an infrastructure for sharing/pooling of electric vehicles (electric pedal-assisted bikes, electric cars, electric scooters, electric shuttles, electric boats).
  • Integration of a smart ticketing solution dedicated to the territorial museum offer.


Better relationships between villages stakeholders

Reduction of car use and parking

Increase in tourist numbers

Reduction of congestion

Project Value

Process performance

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AI & Advanced Analytics

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Municipia ( Engineering Group)