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Smart Parking in Germany

The innovation that has conquered Germany: an app to locate, book and pay for parking directly from your smartphone.

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Among the collaborations with multinational companies, we cannot fail to mention that which exists with T-Systems, an ICT services multinational belonging to the Deutsche Telekom group, one of the leading IT companies in Europe.

The goal of T-Systems was to create a 100% digital solution for managing the entire parking process, from searching for a parking space to booking and paying: Park and Joy, which is now available in some 50 German cities.


Engineering role was to provide Park and Joy's back-office and front-end enabling technological components.

The back-office, based on INES Cloud, is responsible for managing users, tariffs and transactions, and in particular makes it possible to:
  • Enter and update the tariffs in force in the city, organized by tariff areas established by municipal regulations
  • Make payments by credit card or directly with your telephone credit
  • Provide city administrations with a dashboard containing statistics and reports on payments made
  • Transmit, thanks to specific APIs, information on parking purchased by users so that they can be consulted by inspection staff.

The front-end consists of two iOS and Android mobile apps, completely developed completely from scratch, starting from the Tap & Park experience, with an extremely user-friendly interface for providing the end user with an impeccable service.


Greater cost precision for final customer

Easier payments, directly from the smartphone

Less time spent searching for the parking space

Solution activated in 50 German cities

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