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Smart Underwater Platform

An innovative safety system for improving the capabilities of incognito monitoring of both underwater and surface maritime traffic.

Approach & Solution

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The institutional tasks of the Italian Navy include the monitoring of territorial waters, which is fundamental for ensuring their defense and security. This is a delicate task that requires constant improvement of control capability and monitoring tools able to operate in hidden mode.

For this reason, the Naval Support and Experimentation Center of the Navy, a scientific and technological center of excellence, involved our experts in the development of an innovative platform able to detect objects on the surface and underwater in a hidden way.


Our solution consists of two parts:
  • the "Underwater" component through which the system acquires the acoustic traces of the detected target and transmits them to the "Data Processing" center
  • the "Data Processing" component which processes the data collected, returning a list of "Alerts" and "Warnings" that correspond to potentially dangerous events.

The current Technological Readiness Level reached TRL7 (demonstration of a system prototype in an operating environment).


Goals achieved and demonstrated in "Validation Campaigns"

Technological Readiness Level TRL7

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