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Smart Working in community

Smart Working in community

This new platform capitalises on the knowledge generated by the relationships within organisational communities.

Approach & Solution


The main technological challenge involved in enabling smart working within companies, is that of providing an environment of “virtual collective intelligence” that can support collaboration, communication, sharing and the development of collective knowledge. Our experts have responded to this challenge by developing a platform with the name “OPENNESS” (OPEN Networked Enterprise Social Software). It enables environments and collaborative services to be developed, integrated and delivered on the basis of social networking and collective intelligence models.


Implemented in SaaS (Software as a Service) mode, the platform allows:
  • For the development and management of communities within an organisation.
  • Knowledge management.
  • Free interactions between members of one or more unit to be started, supported and analysed via a social networking service and following an open innovation model.
  • Collective knowledge creation to be promoted and for its potential to be exploited within the business.


OPENNESS is currently running in an experimental phase in various settings and in 15 different communities, such as manufacturing, training, education, self-empowerment, digital security, critical infrastructure protection, and so on. In addition, the features offered by the platform are undergoing constant development and this enables the creation of a broad ecosystem of services and applications. This will make it possible to:
- expand the knowledge and increase the potential of individuals;
- manage employee relationships in different application contexts with increased efficiency and effectiveness.

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