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Smart Working with SecureDrive

We enable companies to manage Smart Working with the support of Drive, a multi-platform collaboration tool that ensures business continuity, safeguarding data.

Approach & Solution



We supported the Digital Transformation process for one of the major national players in the postal services sector. The transformation process involves the adoption of Smart Working (or "agile work") practices and tools by all employees.

The aim of the project was to ensure remote working by allowing employees to rely on solid tools, to keep in touch with colleagues and to easily carry out all their working activities, in complete safety.


To enable this Smart Working solution we used the SecureDrive platform, realized by Sogeit Solutions (Engineering Group).

The platform is a Desktop Replacement solution, as it contains all the tools commonly used to work on files and documents. These are stored in the cloud and are always accessible and synchronized. Indeed, using the dashboard offered by the solution, it is possible to always dispose of every document, presentation and spreadsheet, working on them in complete mobility, thanks to the integrated editor.


Optimized logistics through fewer workstations

Lower costs related to third parties' software licenses

Reduced costs related to employees' travels

Project value

Cost cutting
Process performance

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