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Smartwatch: maintenance in the digital factory

With the Internet of Things, maintenance personnel is always connected, wherever they are inside the plant: the smartwatch enables request dispatching and prompt monitoring of the interventions.

Approach & Solution



In order to manage the maintenance team's operations more efficiently, our client - a European multinational company, leader in the production of industrial vehicles - required a solution in an Industry 4.0 perspective which would integrate the functionalities of our Engineering SMM product for maintenance management, using the Smartwatch solution.


Our DiVE HMI - Smartwatch solution is an application based on Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch devices; it consists of a graphical data presentation interface, a message dispatcher and a customized part based on business needs and integration with business management systems.
With our Engineering technicians, we applied digital transformation technologies to integrate the smartwatch with the SMM product and develop new functionalities.
The wearable device is used to send notifications, in both broadcast and specific mode, on the intervention request to all operators responsible for maintenance, no matter where they are in the plant.
With the smartwatch they can manage prompt handling of the request and indicate the operator performing the operation.
Once completed, the operator notifies closure of the request and can send the significant metrics for the activity via the smartwatch.


Optimization of task assignments

Reduction of intervention times

Tracking of the interventions carried out

Project Value

Cost cutting
Process performance

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