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Social Distancing
for Reale Group

With our Smart Proximity solution, we ensure social distancing in Reale Group offices, making over 2,500 workers work safely.

Approach & Solution

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With over 3,700 employees in Italy, Spain and Chile, Reale Group offers solutions for insurance, banking, real estate and services sectors, protecting more than 4 million thousand policyholders.

In a period in which, with the prolongation of the Covid-19 pandemic, companies need to give continuity to the business by guaranteeing the safety of their people, the Group was looking for a solution to overcome the problem of social distancing, to maintain offices opened and continue to offer its services in complete safety.

For Reale Group, the solution had to be single and centralized for all offices, ensure real-time monitoring of safety distances between workers, provide an alert system in case the distances between people are not respected; ensure health and privacy of the worker.


Engineering met Reale Group's needs of securing a safe return of employees to the office through process competencies and with Smart Proximity solutions, our latest generation integrated platform for social distancing.Thanks to IoT sensors and technology, our solution ensures compliance with social distancing, in all situations where adequate safety distances between people in the workplace must be met.

Smart Proximity is a centralized solution on Engineering's Cloud. After a test carried out on 300 workers, in collaboration with Reale Hub 1828, Reale Group's innovation hub, our solution is used today by over 2,500 employees with sensors integrated in wearable badges. The badges communicate with each other and when the distance between two of them is below a security threshold, the device emits an alert to signal such non-compliancy.

Our Client's thoughts

"Smart Proximity Badge has proved to be a concrete help supporting Reale Group in adopting solutions aimed at protecting the health of employees, to fight the potential transmission of COVID - 19 within the workplace. By inducing social distancing through the adoption of this technology, employees are directed towards the adoption of protective behaviors both for themselves and their colleagues."

Alessio Beninati -Team Management Reale Lab 1828, The Reale Group Innovation Lab


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