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Smart Agriculture

SOFIE: the Blockchain for the agri-food chain

The research project tests an IoT platform based on an open, secure and decentralized Blockchain, to guarantee the origin and quality of agricultural products.

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Farmers, breeders, distributors and food retailers want their products to reach the final consumer quickly and in the best conditions, keeping track of their movements and all treatments.

On the other hand, consumers want to know the history of the products and their ingredients, as a proof of their quality.

Blockchain can be the ideal technology to meet this challenge, thanks to its ability to store information about products exchanges, allowing to share them and making them immutable. In this way, consumers have a clearer vision of the agri-food chain.


The SOFIE Research Project, of which Engineering is a partner, focused one of its three pilots on the application of the Blockchain in the agri-food chain, together with other experiments in the energy and gaming fields.

The pilot in the field of Smart Agriculture exploits data originating from an IoT infrastructure and allows a secure exchange using the Blockchain. In this way goods are reliably tracked, improving trust between producers, distributors and consumers, and making the entire production and supply chain more transparent.

SOFIE creates a decentralized IoT platform, in which data, thanks to the Blockchain, are exchanged between different applications and platforms without the need to move them from the original sources.


Greater transparency and trust along the supply chain

A business platform that uses IoT and Blockchain

Better controls on products

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