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SOFIE - Secure Open Federation for the Internet Everywhere

Secure Open Federation for the Internet Everywhere

Research project aimed at developing an open, secure and decentralized federation of blockchain-based IoT platforms, enabling data and information to be utilized in new ways.

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Impressive quantities of data are generated by IoT technology. The real revolution consists in being able to bring together data generated by different devices, sensors and platforms to enrich the information generated and improve support for decision-making.
SOFIE has this very aim: to develop an open, decentralized and scalable IoT architecture that will make many IoT platforms accessible in a single federation, by creating an "adapter" and leveraging blockchain-enabled interconnections.

Three pilot projects will be testing the solution in food, video games and energy industries. Just an example: producers, distributors, logistics and retailers want their products to reach the market quickly and in the best possible condition. Consumers want to buy high- quality products and know how these were produced, where they came from and what their ingredients are. SOFIE is born to face this kind of challenges.


We will create an administratively decentralized federation of IoT platforms for business use in which data is not merely integrated, but it will remain inside the corresponding IoT platforms and will be usable by different applications while maintaining high standards of security and privacy.
SOFIE will ensure end-to-end security as well as key management, authorization, accountability and inspection functionalities by leveraging blockchain technology.

Taking the example of smart agriculture, SOFIE provides a business platform that exploits data originated from the IoT infrastructure and related to products, allowing their secure exchange using blockchain technology.
Moreover, SOFIE fosters collaboration and enhance the transparency of the information shared among different companies working in the supply chain. In this way goods are traced and certified, satisfying both organizations and food consumers.
The project has received co-funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 programme - Contract No.779984.


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