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IoT – Internet of Terrain

IoT supports Agriculture 4.0: a network of sensors and control devices that transfers data and information for certifying the quality of the environment being monitored.

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Farmers or trade associations are demonstrating a growing interest in safeguarding the quality of the production agroecosystem, in order to maintain and strengthen the link between the properties of a food and its place of production. To meet this need, a system of innovative sensors distributed over the agricultural field was created. The system is capable of gathering physical parameters relating to air, water and soil in order to evaluate the quality of the production agroecosystem and the quality of the products themselves (e.g. in terms of lower contaminant content).


The system is made up of 3 LIBELIUM sensor nodes and a gateway with a long-range communication module (4G/GPRS) for data transmission on Cloud; it is also equipped with a local controller for network management and interaction with the surrounding environment. Each node of the network consists of a MainBoard (WASPMOTE) with an XBee/LoRa communication module and a SensorBoard for the management of sensors/actuators.
The reception and propagation of data within the platform take place using an IoT solution (powered by FIWARE) which uses standard protocols (e.g. MQTT). Continuity of monitoring is ensured even in the absence of connectivity, through a local storage (both on the single node and on the network controller); this data is forwarded to the Cloud platform when the initial communication conditions are restored.


Use of this system enables:
- Certifying environmental quality on different scales (farm or agricultural lot) through coordinated procedures for prior analysis of the microclimate aimed at identifying potential conditions of environmental criticality.
- Permitting geographical traceability of raw materials and products.
- Monitoring and managing emergencies.

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