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Bistatic Sonar: Italian Navy

A platform that uses advanced algorithms for target identification and tracking using bistatic sonar sensors.

Approach & Solution



The current geopolitical scenario has contributed to increasing the importance of the resources used in anti-submarine warfare. Submarines often operate in critical environments (deep, shallow or murky waters) with a total lack of information on the objects they are monitoring.

To allows a submarine operating in total anonymity it is not possible to use classic sonar but it is necessary to use solutions based on bistatic sonars.


To ensure the highest levels of efficiency required for submarines of the Naval Squadron, the Submarine Flotilla Command has initiated the BiSS project.

Engineering experts are working to develop a solution based on innovative algorithms that is able to identify a submarine object in critical environments, using only bistatic sonar and overcoming the typical difficulties of these contexts, such as reflections, distortions and signal noise.


Validation Campaign using simulated and real data

Technology Maturity expected TRL 6

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