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Shopping in times of social distancing

During the emergency, we helped the large-scale retail distribution by optimizing logistics and supporting Municipalities for the delivery of shopping.

Approach & Solution

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At the peak of the pandemic phase, we supported Iperal in redesigning its sales model, which had previously been focused on physical outlets.

We decentralized specific logistic functions in order to optimise pick-up times and thus support faster growth of the model. We also worked alongside Iperal and the municipalities to support people who were unable to go to the shops to do their shopping.


In a very short time we provided solutions to respond to the social call of the municipalities: we gave citizens who wanted to help out the possibility to go shopping for the people in need; the municipalities were given the possibility to organise their own operators to enter Iperal's premises to pick up food and basic necessities for people in need.

To facilitate social distancing, we helped to mitigate the problem of crowds, giving people the chance to see the state of the shops in advance so as to prevent queues at the entrance.


Increased productivity and managed volumes

Centralisation of goods management

Lower stockout

Greater punctuality in deliveries to customers

Reduced risk for vulnerable populations while shopping

Project value

Process performance

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