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Sporty: tourism app for Regione Lombardia

An omnichannel customer experience project to innovate and enhance the tourism offering of Regione Lombardia.

Approach & Solution



In view of the Winter Olympics in 2026, Regione Lombardia has started a path of innovation in the tourist offer in the area. The project enhances the regional information heritage and the entire network of stakeholders (owners of ski resorts, owners of farmhouses, mountain guides, ski schools, municipalities, sports associations, etc.).

The Region adopted Design Thinking methodologies for the co-design of the new digital service offer model, which must be multi-channel and built on an effective mix of Digital Marketing & Communication and technological innovation.

The implementation of the roadmap also provided for the effective use of enabling technologies (AI & Advanced Analytics, RPA, IoT, AR / MR / VR, CXM).


To support the Region in its path of innovation in the tourist offer, the Engineering team developed Sporty, a solution consisting of website and mobile App available for Android and iOS, providing an intuitive and engaging access to services dedicated to mountain sports, providing in its first release:
  • customization of the information services of interest, for a user experience increasingly closer to the user's needs
  • integration of environmental and weather safety information.

During the design phase, User Centered Design and Design Thinking methodologies were implemented, involving all the players in the tourism offer system (owners of ski resorts and farmhouses, municipalities, sports associations, etc.) and end-users, through user researches carried out with online surveys and interviews.


Definition of an Omnichannel Customer Experience model

Full visibility of the tourist offer in the area

Involvement of all stakeholders of the regional service system

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