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Advanced tools for the automotive industry

Advanced tools for the
automotive industry

Advanced Analytics tools to measure and visualize process and product quality performance.

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With hundreds of production facilities, more than 80 Research and Development centers and retailers and distributors in about 150 countries, the company designs, produces and markets automobiles, auto parts and related services.
Its priority for premium brands is to check the global status of product quality with performance indicators that take into account production and aftermarket data (mainly warranty credits).


The innovative Engineering dashboard brings in a single integrated analysis environment all the measures and KPIs for the analysis of product quality and production systems. In this way it allows users to access data and KPIs autonomously and on the basis of flexible profiling rules, also allowing cross-KPI analysis based on common dimensions and data aggregation rules.
The solution, based on the QlikSense platform and extended with the Engineering Reaqtive Framework, integrates different data sources: datalake, pre-existing QlikView applications, database of vertical applications, manually fed files.
The user interface has multichannel access and “drill-down” functionality.


Standardized and shared analysis

Immediate and dynamic access to data

Easy creation of reports

Modern dashboard analytics environment

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Engineering Reaqtive Framework, QlikSense