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Heritage preservation technologies.

Heritage preservation technologies

A new digital platform for the protection of cultural and artistic assets from natural disasters and climate change.

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The protection and conservation of our cultural and artistic heritage is a priority, not only for the EU but for all its member states. Resources and assets that have both a cultural and socio-economic value are at risk from climate change and natural hazards, which threaten their integrity with potential consequences on both a cultural and socio-economic level.


In response to these issues, our experts have developed a platform that provides all European stakeholders, operating in the cultural heritage arena, with support in the different phases of prevention (real-time monitoring of natural phenomena, risk assessment and risk management, and intervention, including mitigation measures) and post-disaster intervention.

Such services tend to fall within one of two categories:
  • Collaborative services aimed at fostering communication and collaboration between all the actors involved, allowing for the collection, contribution and sharing of data and information, along with knowledge of potential threats, vulnerabilities and risks.
  • Operational services to support decision making (data analytics, mobile crowdsourcing and crowdsensing, threat analysis services, risk assessment tools and web-based GIS visualisation).


For Engineering, promoting the safety and protection of our shared cultural heritage means acting on behalf of society as a whole and not just the entities commissioning the project.

Our solution therefore allows:
- Existing prevention, intervention and planning processes to be improved.
- For a dashboard that helps users understand causes and identify the most appropriate responses to critical problems.
- Best practices, knowledge and experiences to be co-created and shared.
- Actions to be planned in the most effective and least invasive way possible.
- Decision-making processes to be handled rapidly so as to respond appropriately to hazardous situations.
- The site status to be monitored in real time, along with the items to be verified.

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