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Technologies for the Fashion Industry

Technologies for the Fashion Industry

Digital technologies applied to the fashion world for intelligent management of the sales process.

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Our client combines the characteristics of winter outwear with everyday metropolitan life. The well-known client has repositioned its brand with gradual development of its range of products into categories that complement its historical business.


The client felt the need to use a new solution, a customized version of Engineering's myClienteling solution, as a central tool for the entire sales process with the customer, in order to:
  • Dematerialize and digitize the entire consent collection process for privacy management.
  • Digitize and unify the after-sales management process.
  • Have visibility over the warehouse stocks of points of sale and regional stores in real time.
  • Have mobile cash register systems in addition to physical cash registers in order to avoid interruption of the sales process.
  • Integrate management of RFID tags into the purchasing process.
  • Integrate management of the new "Genius" program dedicated to its customers.

Finally, after a first phase, it was decided to expand the basic functionality of the solution, implementing a set of new application components dedicated to supporting vertical business needs; at the same time, however, these would act as enablers for providing, within an integrated process, a user experience that makes the solution simple, intuitive and immediately usable for store users.


With our solution based on myClienteling, we enabled the client to:
- Integrate POS systems (Cegid) in real time, for both the inventory and order part in points of sale.
- Integrate the RFID tag reading systems for garment product and barcode identification.
- Dematerialize and simplify management processes of privacy and after-sales, for a total of 400,000 documents/year.
- Centralize the main tools for sales personnel in one application.

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