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Virtual Technologies for Automotive 4.0

Thanks to our digital technologies, one of the world's largest car manufacturers now can design and visualize the virtual models of its production plants.

Approach & Solution



Our Client designs, manufactures and markets vehicles, components and production systems in nearly 150 countries worldwide.

In order to execute an optimal plan of the production processes, following a Work Place Integration approach (WPI) our Client must simultaneously analyze multiple items of information (stored in different systems) such as the CAD layout of the plant, project sheets, product structures (Bill of Materials - BOM) and WCM (World Class Manufacturing) documents.

We responded our Client's need by integrating information and data related to the layout of the plant and to the production process and, furthermore, adopting a new emerging web technology, VPI (Virtual Plant Integration), a powerful 3D WEB tool designed for easily drawing and visualizing in 3D the virtual model of the production plant, leveraging the Augmented Reality technology.


The main features of the solution are:
  • Direct access to process and product information.
  • Import of data directly from analyses of the main system.
  • Support for multiple production scenarios in order to identify the most efficient configuration.
  • Advanced visual analysis to test the production line in different conditions.
  • Automatic creation of macrocycle sheets and Cross Sheet documents.
  • Advanced analysis of low added value activities for identifying critical workplaces and defining best practices.
  • KPIs for highlighting display problems with respect to planning.


More sharing of information

Higher analysis detail

Reduced risk of human errors

Improved production planning and line balancing

Time and cost reduction

Project value

Process performance


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