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The Chocolate Factory (4.0)

Through IoT we support the production of some of the most appreciated snacks worldwide in 35 different production plants.

Approach & Solution



During the past few years, the evolution of Industry 4.0 concepts, led our company to pursue a clear objective: to develop innovative solutions able to optimize and automate production systems aimed at helping our clients improve the efficiency of their processes.
To achieve this, it is necessary to evolve all the applications and various technologies that enable the functioning of various production lines. This was exactly what our Client, a multinational group, that operates in over 80 countries around the world, with more than 100.000 employees worldwide, asked us to achieve.

Leveraging our technology competences and our long-standing experience in this industry, we were chosen by this great company for a Smart Manufacturing project, aimed at making workers activities easier and more effective.


This is where our Digital Factory came into play, a Manufacturing Operation Management (MOM) / Manufacturing Execution System (MES) solution, which substitutes obsolete production management systems and old printing processes, going from the single consumption units to the labels applied on boxes and pallets.

The various modules developed during the project (such as MES, Labeling, IDF -Integrated Digital Factory- Connector and Material Flow Control), allow to radically optimize the exchange of data with automation systems, the data collection from production, quality and ERP systems and, finally, the solution enables data to be sent to other applications used.


Reduction of low value-added manual operations

Software simplicity and rapidness of use

Considerable reduction of human errors

Optimization of operational costs

Applied in 30+ plants distributed in 5 different continents

Project value

Process performance
Cost cutting

Enabling Technologies


Project Team

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