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Digital transformation for a leading telecom company

Digital transformation for a leading telecom company

With the help of a completely new IT infrastructure, we improved the customer experience for one of Italy’s major telecommunications companies.

Approach & Solution



We collaborated with one of Italy’s major telecoms companies, which provides consumers and businesses with a complete range of services, from fixed and mobile networks to voice services.

Its requirements involved a complete transformation of its internal IT structures to enable it to compete effectively in the market.
Which aspects needed to be improved?
  • Service quality: IT processes needed to comply with market best practices in a way that could be measured and shared with the business functions.
  • Application and technology infrastructure: moving from legacy solutions that are now obsolete (such as CRM, ERP, EAI and channels) towards reliable and flexible open architectures.
  • IT expenditure: a cost reduction of at least 20%.


In the space of just two years, our solution has made it possible:
  • To define a new organisational structure and (ITIL-compliant) IT processes that have maximised operational efficiency and the quality of business functions.
  • To transform the client's technical architecture (in terms of computing, storage and network), thanks to a combination of updated technology and rationalised physical resources.
  • To dispose of certain legacy systems and define a digital transformation programme that relies on innovative technological factors such as the cloud, omnichannel services and the centralised administration of products and services.


Costs reduced by 60% (on average)

Better measurements of effectiveness and efficiency

Innovative technologies for digital transformation

Project Value

Cost cutting
Process performance

Enabling Technologies


Our Products & Other Technologies

Sigma Systems, Open Source Technology (Hadoop, Camunda, Apache)

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