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A hi-tech emergency room for the Emilia-Romagna Region

With our experience in digital transformation, more than 500,000 emergency calls per year can be managed in an innovative, rapid and coordinated way.

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The emergency health service (118-112 in Italy) of the Emilia-Romagna Region is recognized as one of the best reference models – and not only at national level – in terms of efficiency, innovative technologies and complexity of the territory being managed.

In recent years, the regional service has seen many transformations, linked to merging processes of all Operations Centers, gradual migration to the new "Single Emergency Number 112" and integration with the wider regional emergency-urgency network (Emergency Room, volunteering, etc.). Our challenge was to make the software of the Operating Center the "heart" of the entire intervention network.


Our AREAS® EMS software integrates telecommunication systems and multiple technologies (fixed and mobile telephones, radio and satellite communications, cartographic and navigation systems, fixed and mobile devices, expert, etc.) as well as business intelligence systems, which improve processes efficiency.

For example, our solution can address the call and immediately, identifies the place of the request, establishes the type of emergency, automatically identifies the best combination of team-vehicle-hospital-route and constantly communicates with the vehicle and the destination healthcare facility.


Adoption of new technologies (satellite tech, navigation systems etc.)

Managing over 500,000 annual intervention requests

More efficient communication

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AREAS® EMS (Emergency Medical Service)

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