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A cloud platform for TIM's data and artificial intelligence

An AI and cloud-based solution for proactive maintenance and optimization of energy consumption

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The network division of our client TIM (the leading telco operator in Italy) provides services to the retail division and other telco operators, so the maintenance of network assets is critical, as is the monitoring of energy consumption.

The developed system is scalable and will enable the management of an increasing number of data and use cases in the future.

The project allowed the foundations for the development of the network data cloud platform, and the use of Machine Learning, for the optimisation and analysis of anomalous behaviour related to the energy consumption of network devices, through two use cases aimed at the proactive maintenance of power racks.


Platform to collect data (of alerts, consumption) from network devices (in order to use it to predict future consumption or breakdowns) and to enable ML use cases. On premises systems send data to the data platform and a configurable upload engine developed on GCP (Google Cloud Platform) uploads the data. Then a data preparation layer delivers the data to the ML layer.

The data scientist teams of the Strategy division exploit the capabilities of Vertex AI using their workbench to analyse the data, define models/algorithms and deploy to production through MLOps (Machine Learning Operations) processes.

The Solution is featured among the Customer Success Stories in Google's Partner Directory, which groups partners who have demonstrated customer success in Google Cloud products and industries.


Centralized company data and use of ML

Flexible and scalable solution

Simplify and standardize the activities of Data Scientists

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