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Verona is becoming increasingly "smart": a new digital system for regulating and controlling access, exits and length of stay of commercial vehicles in ZTLs (Limited Traffic Areas).

Approach & Solution



Our company has proven to be a reliable partner for facing the daily challenges of municipalities and making everyday life easier for citizens. On this occasion, we had to put our skills and technologies at the service of the Municipality of Verona, to support it in two well-defined needs:
  • Verify compliance with the rules regarding how long vehicles used to load and unload goods stayed in a Limited Traffic Zone (ZTL).
  • Definitively solve the problem of European Blue Badge counterfeiting and improve the effectiveness of roadside checks through new and more effective instruments.
  • Automate the procedure of access and control of vehicles with disabled persons on board in a ZTL in order to reduce work load at the counter.


These goals were achieved through:
  • Installation of 27 Mobility Gates equipped with UHF RFID (radio frequency identification) technology that accurately measure the permanence of vehicles inside the ZTL.
  • The possibility for citizens and companies to buy and manage their permits online.
  • Distribution of UHF RFID anti-counterfeiting and anti-misuse tags for commercial vehicles and Blue Badges.


Reduction of ZTL congestion

Automation of access requests management

Better roadside checks and fewer Badge counterfeiting

Project value

Process performance

Enabling Technologies

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Engineering proprietary products & other technologies

RFID Mobility Gate

Project Team

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