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Virtual Collaboration

Virtual Collaboration

A direct line for the exchange of information in real time between technicians and operational centers thanks to Mixed Reality.

Approach & Solution



During field activities, especially those that require particular attention, technicians usually interact with the operations center for remote supervision of progress.
Through innovative virtual technologies, such as Augmented Reality, it is possible to optimize this process, facilitating communication between the operations center and the technician and allowing the latter to operate unimpeded (hands-free).

This is what we have made possible for Hera, an important multi-utility that provides energy (gas, electricity), water (aqueduct, sewage and purification) and environmental (waste collection and disposal) services to about 4 million citizens.


The solution was implemented through the Augmented Reality platform SPACE1 Extended Collaboration, developed by OverIT, the company specialized in Field Service solutions that has been part of our Group since 2004.
It exploits the potential of "Head-Mounted Display" devices for optimizing interaction between the operator in the field and a supervisor in the control room. It enables sharing the operator's point of view in real time, the exchange of information and multimedia attachments and the insertion of notes and drawings on the reality observed by the user.

The solution is also fully integrated with the Field Service Management systems used by the customer.


Impacting on approximately 4 million inhabitants

Higher productivity and quality of work

Reduction of costs related to training

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