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Virtual MAXXI: the (virtually) perfect exhibition

Virtual MAXXI: the (virtually) perfect exhibition

The Museum innovates the cultural offering through Virtual Reality, broadening its audience and attracting young generations.

Approach & Solution



MAXXI - National Museum of the XXI Century Arts - is a reference point for architecture and contemporary art at national level and, as such, stands out for the innovativeness of its offer. How can a reality of this type enhance precious and delicate architectural models that cannot be physically exposed? With a solution that at the same time attracts the younger audience and becomes viral: an exhibition entirely based on Virtual Reality.


Experts from the Engineering Interactive multidisciplinary team have digitalized architectural models realized by the greatest contemporary architects - from Campo Baeza to De Feo, from Rossi to Sacripanti - guaranteeing a high scientific rigor for each 3D model. It was possible to explore the models in every detail through an immersive app usable through virtual reality headsets.
The exhibition has been permanently exposed for two years at the MAXXI, obtaining great success among visitors and at the same time bringing great visibility to the museum, thanks to the peculiarity of the solution.
The creative management of Engineering Interactive took care of the whole project, elaborated the user experience, starting from the study of the physical space up to the analysis of the interaction mode with the app, and also realized the promotional video used for the museum's social networks. The exhibition is 100% digital and replicable in infinite museums and artistic exhibitions.


Increase in visitors

Higher interest from younger public

Enhancement of museum assets

Portable and replicable exhibition

Strengthening of the brand

Higher visibility for the museum

Project value


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