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Flying safely with

Flying safely with "smart" maintenance

Industry 4.0 and Digital Twin: thanks to a virtual model it is possible to simulate fleet management and aircraft maintenance processes.

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Our client is part of one of the world's largest industrial groups, which, with a turnover of more than 100 billion, is a leading company in the technology and service industries. In particular, our client operates in the sector of design, production and maintenance of components and systems used in civil and military aeronautics, which have always been recognized for their high reliability. Managing the maintenance of an aircraft is a job that requires specific skills, great attention and strict planning of interventions to ensure a high-quality service quickly. These processes, which are the foundation of the client's reputation, are very complex and represent one of the daily challenges for the company.


To meet these needs, we at Engineering used the advantages of digitization and virtual technologies to create a model based on Digital Twin.
With this technology we created an exact copy of the physical process, which can be used through intuitive graphic interfaces in support of operational and strategic activities.
The model allows the client to simulate the fleet management process and analyze each phase by entering data of various types into the model concerning the technical characteristics of engines, maintenance centers, flight profiles and the residual life of components.
With our model it is also possible to simulate different scenarios, including critical scenarios, such as damage caused by accidents with birds.


With the Industry 4.0 technologies of our Digital Twin model we have allowed our client to:
- Analyze operational practices and verify their effectiveness and efficiency in the presence of uncertainties (e.g. breakage of a component).
- Facilitate decision of the most appropriate measures for achieving certain required levels of performance.
- Facilitate strategic planning of resources.

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