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Waste management: less pollution and tax evasion

Helping the environment by fighting tax elusion and evasion: Municipia’s solutions support the local authorities in the management of their entire waste collection process.

Approach & Solution



Optimising the entire management process for waste collection services and procedures as well as for calculating rates (waste disposal tax or tariff) is crucial for local authorities. By integrating ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) tools and technologies, Municipia provides advanced solutions, enabling the process to be optimised and to help prevent evasion of payment.

In partnership with an urban waste integrated service manager in an Italian region that operates over an area consisting of more than 100 municipalities, we offer waste management solutions with a positive impact, in economic, social and environmental terms: making the service more economical to run, reducing tax evasion and avoidance, facilitating the recovery of waste materials, and reducing CO2 emissions.


Using unique and comprehensive management software, we optimise the means and methods of managing waste collection services and processes, including waste disposal areas and smart containers. The solution also allows for the prompt and simultaneous recording of all data (vehicle travel, weighing the refuse deposited and pairing this with the user) to accurately establish the costs and tariffs, calculating them in proportion to the amounts deposited.
Consequently, thanks to our software, the waste disposal tax can be requested from each user, any evasion recovered and cost accounting reports produced promptly for submission to the regulatory authority (ARERA).


Reduced tax evasion and avoidance

Optimisation of service costs

Drafting of analytical reports

Reduction in CO2 emissions

Compliance with the regular accounting and reporting requirements of ARERA

Project value

Cost cutting
Process performance

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