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Towards circular economy

New technologies and new approaches enable effective waste management.

Approach & Solution



Adopting effective solutions for waste management is increasingly important, to reduce their environmental impact and to limit their effects on humans.

This is why Waste4think is born: a research project aimed at evolving the entire waste management value chain, towards the Circular Economy. The project proposes and validates 20 different "eco-innovative" solutions, designed to be implemented in each waste management core process.

These solutions had been tested in 4 European cities: Zamudio (Spain), Halandri (Greece), Seveso (Italy), Cascais (Portugal).


Engineering participates to the project through the implementation of an IoT platform that leverages the FIWARE ecosystem's core technologies. In this way we support the management of waste data adopting a holistic approach.

The "eco-innovative" solutions include technological and non-technological tools, such as:
  • Apps for citizens, to promote their empowerment and engagement
  • IT tools to support day-to-day operations and long-term planning
  • Educational material based on innovative teaching methods and "serious games"
  • Tools for citizens, aimed at creating new solutions
  • Mechanisms to trigger behavioral changes based on economic incentives and social actions
  • Decentralized solutions for the enhancement and reuse of high-value resources

The project has received co-funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 program - Contract No. 688995


Diffusion of best practices related to the circular economy

Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 10%

Savings on management costs by 10%

The adoption of waste sorting increases by 20%

Project value

Process performance

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