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Vehicle configuration with zero complexity

Our modelling tool establishes the set of valid configurations (billions) in one place, automating the industrial and commercial process.

Approach & Solution

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A large multinational company in the automotive sector asked us to redesign the configuration tools for their commercial products, guiding the production supply chain, as well as order collection.

The client needed to manage billions of configurations related to complex products (vehicles), made all over the world with rules that change over time, differ by market/region, requiring a tool capable of processing large amounts of data in the shortest possible time.

We pioneered a new framework for establishing Vehicle Configuration and distributed it throughout the company as a "Single Source of Truth".


Engineering actively participated in designing the new Product Configuration tool, working with a cross-functional team composed of business partners from EMEA, NAFTA and LATAM regions and various vendors and suppliers.

We developed a powerful product modelling tool capable of specifying both commercial and technical objectives, which are checked through a dedicated audit tool to ensure reliable configuration.

The approved product specification rules are used to create our Binary Decision Diagram (BDD) data model, which can define the set of valid configurations (billions) in one place, thereby automating both industrial and commercial processes.

The solution also lies at the heart of the implementation process, as it provides functions capable of implementing cross-departmental configuration changes, from approval to completion for S&OP and order management, through the Engineering and Production BOMs.


Reduction of order discrepancies

Faster order entry validation

Single Source of Truth asset creation with time/cost reduction

Audit tool ensuring reliable configuration

Improved time-to-market

Project value

Process performance

Project Team