Engineering: leader della Digital Transformation


Enabling Technologies

We have been creating, collecting, reporting and integrating data for our clients. Interpreting it, predicting it, and we’ve come to model it too. Now we are leveraging this data and new technologies to enable a new digital era.

Discover our Enabling Technologies for fast introduction of innovation projects

AI & Advanced Analytics

The power of big data leads services, products and processes to an higher level of"intelligence" 

AI and Advanced Analytics, enables you, via techniques, methods and tools that integrate and process data, often in real-time, to forecast situations, allowing a more refined decision-making, automating repetitive processes and specializing resources to create value-added services, innovate and gain competitive advantage.

Our hybrid approach to the Cloud

We build reliable, safe and scalable infrastructures that enable our clients to support both traditional and next generation applications as well as to safely collect and manage large amounts of data, thus realizing their cloud strategy which is foundational in the Digital transformation era.

Cybersecurity protects your organization as it embraces Digital Transformation

We ensure security and protection of all organizational assets, including data, servers and data centers, by employing the best data security practices, methodologies and professional competencies.
IoT Internet of Things

From the Internet of Things to the Internet of Me: the Key to Data Connection

We digitize our world by giving objects and space (as well as living beings) a digital voice, creating value from data, enabling better decision-making processes through real-time monitoring.
RPA Advanced Process Automation

RPA: Automation of Processes to Enhance the Human Component of Work 4.0

We leverage Robotic as well as Advanced Process Automation solutions to free up economic, physical and human resources from basic-skill working activities, enabling organisations to redirect resources towards value added domains thus enhancing the human dimension of work, improving user satisfaction, increasing work efficiency, quality and productivity while reducing costs and time.

Where the Real Meets and Interacts with the Virtual

We make the real world and the digital world interact by creating new AR - MR - VR experiences and applications closely aligned to our Customers’ business processes, enabling them to fully exploit the digitally-enabled benefits of Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality.

Unchaining (the) business

We have created our own research lab called «HyperLab», allowing our Clients to co-create innovative uses of this technology which allows you to ensure a single point of truth, data integrity and accountability.
Digital Twin

Master uncertainty and maximize your chances of success by taking informed decisions through a digital copy of reality

We allow our Clients to create a digital copy of their businesses, enabling them to model them and run simulations before applying decisions to the real world, reducing risk, improving speed and quality of decision-making processes.