Engineering: leader della Digital Transformation

Our Approach

Manage & Evolve

End-to-end support with infrastructure outsourcing & technology management and evolution

We focus on innovating our stakeholders' processes and technologies, and strive to be a strategic and fundamental partner able to managing and continuously evolving our stakeholders' technologies. We have decade long relationships with our partners because we can help them manage the day to day as well as to evolve. We know the pace with which they can change, culture wise, budget wise and can manage, in a balanced manner, the shift from traditional to frontier technologies.

We provide full infrastructure outsourcing, thanks to a hybrid cloud offering that also includes managed services and Digital Workplace.
Ongoing management and evolution of all major technology platforms, on both proprietary and 3rd party solutions, leads us to be recognized as one of the most reliable partners on core business processes.

The screen of a PC used for application management & maintenance

Application Management & Transformation

Our Engineering Software Laboratories (ESL), operating on a global scale, ensure the seamless operation of our digital solutions. We offer support and system integration services for our solutions, our partners', and for customized solutions developed for our stakeholders, including the most innovative technologies such as Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Big Data, IoT.

A data center for service management

Managed Services

We manage end-to-end the operation of processes and infrastructures through innovative IT solutions such as hybrid services, multi-cloud, robotic process automation, new generation service desks with chatbots and digital agents, and with digital solutions to digitalize our stakeholders’ workplace. Thanks to Engineering D.HUB, we also manage three state-of-the-art data centers located in Pont-Saint-Martin (Aosta), Vicenza and Turin designed to the highest levels of security and resilience to serve mission-critical products and services, and integrated in a multi-cloud model with main technology players and market-leader cloud hyperscalers.

The digital workplace in the new normal

Digital Workplace

Technological innovation, data and mobility are changing the workplace, transforming it into a Digital Workplace combining physical and virtual spaces. For over 40 years, we at Engineering have supported hundreds of thousands of workers around the world in leveraging technology to be more efficient. A true path of innovation that has led us to manage workstations up until a complete digitalization of the concept of the workplace, which goes beyond the traditional concept of "place" and includes the way we travel and, above all, how we learn.


Competence Center

Change Management

Building a successful environment for Digital Transformation and the evolution of Customer and Partnership Experience.​


Engineering Group

Engineering D.HUB

The new vision and evolution towards new service platforms supporting the Digital Transformation.


Engineering Group


First national operator specialized in Cybersecurity and among the main European players. With more than 300 specialists, protects and enables the secure growth of the business by minimizing cyber risks arising from Digital Transformation.

Our Approach

& Upskill

Exploring the frontiers of technologies, knowledge and markets

Our Approach

& Design

Design your Strategy, Design Your User Experience, re think business processes and services

Our Approach

& Integrate

Leverage Business & Technology Plaftorms (best of breed as well as our own custom built solutions)

Our Approach

& Evolve

End-to-end support with infrastructure outsourcing & technology maintenance and evolution