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Our Approach

Strategy & Design

Design your Strategy, Design Your User Experience, re think business processes and services

We have always focused our activities on the management and continuous transformation of core strategic processes. Our deep knowledge of the market and understanding of our clients, developed over 40 years of experience, is one of our defining traits.

To understand the business is paramount to be able to build a strategy, and how technology can support it. To this end, we carry out vertical consulting activities on different market sectors to support the definition of strategies and manage the impact on organizations and technology domains.

We have managed the core processes of our stakeholders for decades, constantly updating the underlying technologies. Digital is becoming strategic: in this view, we redesign our stakeholders' processes and services.

Increasingly, when building solutions and services, usability and accessibility are becoming as important as functionality. Thanks to our dedicated excellence centers, we ensure the best usability and accessibility design for the digital assets and solutions that we develop, both internally and for our stakeholders.

A manager engaged in a design thinking and service design process

Business Consulting

Strategy must drive businesses’ digital transformation. Thanks to our vertical business consulting units operating in all market sectors, we support the development of IT projects right from their strategic design, project management, and change management. Our competence centers and our vertical consulting areas are integrated within our delivery model to always be close to our customers' activities.
A business consultant who imagines a Business Process Reengineering strategy

Processes & Services Redesign

We have been operating for over 40 years on the market and have gained solid experience on the digital transformation of our Clients' core processes. For this reason we are able to evolve the business towards new digital paradigms by producing new value, new revenues and seizing the opportunities of today and tomorrow. We combine the competences of our core process specialists with those of our experts on traditional and new technologies, in order to enable digital transformation.
The User Experience of a mobile phone user

UX & Usability/Accessibility

User Experience design is central in our digital transformation strategies because it represents the meeting point between people and technology. We have competence centers that are dedicated to the design and implementation of an omnichannel and seamless User Experience, in order to ensure a successful deployment of IT projects and digital platforms.

Competence Center

Digital Solutions

Supporting customers in developing
and implementing their omnichannel strategies.


Competence Center

Change Management

Building a successful environment for Digital Transformation and the evolution of Customer and Partnership Experience.​

Our Approach

& Upskill

Exploring the frontiers of technologies, knowledge and markets

Our Approach

& Design

Design your Strategy, Design Your User Experience, re think business processes and services

Our Approach

& Integrate

Leverage Business & Technology Plaftorms (best of breed as well as our own custom built solutions)

Our Approach

& Evolve

End-to-end support with infrastructure outsourcing & technology maintenance and evolution