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Bit2win Suite

A CPQ solution, in partnership with Bit2win, to evolve customers' purchasing experience.

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What is it?

Thanks to the partnership of Engineering and Bit2Win, we provide among our portfolio of solutions also a CPQ (Configure, Price and Quote) platform that boosts, improves and complements the scope of your Digital Commerce, offering users a truly omnichannel purchasing experience. CPQ is in fact a solution that helps to configure and manage offers directly with the end customer.

It automates, and therefore streamlines, marketing and online sales processes, especially for B2B. It manages:
  • price lists
  • catalogues
  • offers
  • discounts
  • configuration
  • endorsements
  • other sales cycle areas.

Merging with the world of e-commerce allows you to optimise your distribution chain and automate operations, giving your digital channel a great boost.
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What Does Bit2win Suite Do?

  • It enables centralised management of any sales type or structure, and management of several catalogues
  • It manages complex pricing criteria and establishes eligibility compatibility
  • It optimises quote generation and order collection
  • It makes it easy to set up offers, packages and complex product and service promotions
  • It allows you create and manage opportunities, quotes and orders across all channels
  • It allows you manage subscription sales and material, bundle or standalone goods
  • It facilitates the smooth sale of complex products and services
  • It automates sales and marketing operations.
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How Does Bit2win Suite Work?

The Bit2win Suite has three components:
  • CPQ for automating and optimising product configuration, generating quotes and collecting orders, for an end-to-end lead-to-cash process.
  • CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT for creating and managing promo (coupon) or rewards campaigns, gamification and loyalties, aiming to improve consumers' experience.
  • BUSINESS PROCESS ORCHESTRATOR for intelligent business and workflow creation and orchestration, going beyond the limits of conventional public clouds.

Bit2win is a composable solution: thanks to API and its microservices architecture, it can implement and integrate capabilities and features available according to your business and IT systems.

What value for our customers?

  • The ability to get ahead of the competition thanks to high-speed feedback in terms of customer needs and demands, precise and transparent automated processes and quick offer processing times
  • Reduced Time-to-Market and costs when it comes to setting up new sales, speeding up the time it takes to go from quoting to selling, including ordering, research and comparing products
  • Greater Performance: a high-performing platform that provides processing based on events, reduced response times, turnkey scope and features, orchestrating workflow to simplify processes