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The Leading Price Intelligence Platform for Brands and E-Commerce.

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What is it?

Nowadays, brands and retailers face numerous challenges related to the continuous monitoring of changes in data, prices and national and international markets.

Thanks to the partnership between Engineering and Competitoor, we also offer within our solutions portfolio the Price and Market Monitoring platform that allows to monitor the online distribution network and competitors thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

This brings a measurable competitive advantage and comprehensive knowledge of prices and online market dynamics.
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What does it do for Brands?

The platform allows brands to monitor the online distribution network in the global marketplace, tracking prices, comparing catalogues and comparing products through semantic analysis of similar or identical products.

In this way, brands can:
  • Protect their brand value and integrity
  • Detect unauthorised resellers, counterfeits and MAPv (Minimum Advertised Price Violation)
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in their own assortment compared to that of competitors.