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Digital Financial Officer


The efficient management of SMEs' economic and financial resources on an intuitive and simple platform, to support banks and other credit institutions improving their performance.


The Digital Financial Officer for SMEs

Today more than ever, SMEs constantly need credit and liquidity, due to their great exposure to market and supply chain risks.

Moreover, they often lack knowledge and tools to correctly plan their economic-financial needs in the short, medium and long term.
Therefore, without an updated view of their health state, they represent an unknown factor for credit operators.

How does it work

CheckImpresa offers a simplified model for managing budget, treasury, financial feasibility, compliant to the Corporate Crisis Regulation (Law 155-17), producing clear and immediate communications to stakeholders.

It allows banks and other institutions, to have an updated view on the real economic and financial company health status and it supports the governance of collaterals' requests to State guarantee funds (Mediocredito Centrale) and subsequent monitoring, in compliance with Decree 23 of April, 8th.

By monitoring the economic-financial data as well as credit lines, CheckImpresa highlights the alert in a timely and clear manner in compliance with 155/17 Law about business crisis, preparing reports to the OCRI (Crisis Body of the Commerce Chambers), which definition is in progress.


CheckImpresa enables a value relationship between credit intermediaries and companies, fostering access to national aids during the current extraordinary and delicate moment, by:
  • preparing the company's budget, monitored over time with a Break-even indicator
  • offering a clear representation of the short, medium and long term financial situation
  • comparing historical trends of the main indicators, calculated on official financial statements
  • managing a corporate alert panel (currently available according to the Law 155/17 on Corporate Crisis scheduled for 2021)
  • allowing the upload of the Bank of Italy official report that enables to simulate the rating of the Italian collaterals' provider (MCC) and to monitor alerts
  • creating a dossier of all information managed, to facilitate the credit requests procedures.


  • Economic and financial management, breakeven point, financial feasibility
  • Company's health monitoring during the current year
  • Automatic reports as requested by regulatory compliance needs in Legislative Decree 14 of 12/01/2019 referred to Law 155/17 on Corporate crisis
  • Plug & Play, no installation needed
  • 100% Web Based
  • Constantly evolving roadmap
  • Financial BackOffice supporting companies and banks in information recovery, insertion and validation phases
  • Online Video tutorial
  • Dedicated training courses.