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Cognitive & Data Driven Infrastructure


Our infrastructure for the creation of Smart Data that natively guarantees Data Governance for Financial Institutions.

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DATAELL is an application infrastructure that allows, in our Client's Data Lake or Big Data, to:
  • Manage granular and elementary data shared by different various information systems.
  • Improve information quality.
  • Solve the complexity of building structured information.
  • Extend the uses of company information assets.
  • Collect and normalize value-added information produced by vertical systems.

It transforms data into information by providing a shared data model.


The main services are:
  • Data Governance, centralizing information management of the whole system. The tool allows the client to implement models according to specific needs, ensuring parameterization through specific impact analysis functionalities.
  • Data Quality Management, ensuring the quality of information and the analysis of improvement processes.

Case Study

Big data for Big Banks

Collecting, mapping, and integrating data deriving from various regulatory and management procedures. This is what our solutions have done for one of the largest banking institutions in Italy.

Case Study

Big Financial Data: secured data for Intesa Sanpaolo

With us Intesa Sanpaolo manages and optimizes the enormous quantity of data in its possession for a more efficient Data Governance.