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Automotive Digital Integration

Digital Dealer Platform

Accelerate the transformation of dealer groups towards new digital ecosystems and increase business opportunities

The Digital Dealer Platform provides a strong support for business growth to dealer groups (new branches, new brands, new offices, etc.), as it allows to simplify and automate processes, giving an overall view of the business.

The platform integrates systems and data used by dealer groups, enabling new business models with increasing flexibility and ability that can adapt quickly to market changes (car sharing, car rental, electric vehicles, smart cities, connected vehicles, etc.).


The Digital Dealer Platform integrates the data of Dealer's business ecosystem and makes them usable, simple and navigable, facilitating and optimizing business management.

It is a customizable suite consisting of several modules:
  • DDA - Accelerator: system that integrates various data sources, it is an enabler of other platform's modules;
  • DDB - Business Decision Assistant: platform that manages and monitors the entire business through an easy-to-read interface;
  • DDC - Customer App: point of contact between dealer & customer, allowing direct and effective communication;
  • DDS - Signature: digital signature service that simplifies processes and allows electronic archiving of documents;
  • DDD - Digidoc: family of specific paperless services for digital documentation management;
  • DDU - Used Vehicle: dedicated portal to manage used vehicles, from appraisal to vehicle sales.

Case Study

biAuto-Biasotti Group:
a digital car dealer

An innovative Cloud Suite, combined with a mobile app, connects car dealer with final customers, satisfying their needs and facilitating the communication.

Case Study

bi2App, the new generation of car services

With our Customer App, the biAuto-Biasotti Group manages the relationship between customer and dealer in a smart, user-friendly and intuitive way