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Enable proactive relationship management with a multi-institution platform for the placement of funds, financial services, insurance and credit products.

Happy is able to combine the customer's offering with own and / or third-party products, managing the sales paths and maximizing profitability based on the commercial objectives of the financial institution, the commission for the sale of third-party products and the performance of owned products.

It allows to manage:
  • the sale of own products
  • orders for placing financial, credit, insurance products
  • flows and interfaces to and from product companies with the related balances
  • commissioning between the financial institution and third-party companies that own the products / services sold
  • monitoring of commercial objectives.

It integrates the rules of the Financial Advisory platform to suggest and guide the placement and after-sales of Insurance, Financial (Pension Funds, Italian / Foreign Funds / Sicavs) and Credits (Mortgages. Personal Loans, Consumer Credit) products, in compliance with the regulations regarding the adequacy and sustainability of the products to be offered to customers.

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