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Hoox Suite

Mobile application dedicated to medical-scientific information.

Hoox, application for medical-scientific information
Hoox is a mobile application dedicated to the sales and distribution staff of the Life Science industry (Human Health and Animal Health) for the in real-time management of medical-scientific information and of customer relations.

It allows you to plan and coordinate accounting and information resources towards the market, through all channels. In particular it deals with:
  • omnichannel customer profile (Account and contact management)
  • calendar, activity and visits management
  • access to complete customer database, Visits scheduling, Route planner, Capabilities to view geographic locations - maps, GPS or GSM
  • Dashboard, BI
  • sample management (the scientific informant can place the order directly from the pharmacy, in compliance with current Legislative Decree 219/06)
  • acquire marketing data to provide more relevant communications to healthcare professionals and other stakeholders
  • email tracking, IRIS – Virtual Assistant (AI), Meeting share and Digital conference.
Customer Relationship Management in the Pharma sector


Building a lasting relationship with the customer by improving the multi-channel experience

Rethinking the role of the scientific informant in the Pharma sector

Knowledge is enabling: in the integrated and multi-channel strategy, the scientific informant becomes the link between the doctor and digital tools

To guarantee the customer an advanced response to his expectations

No additional infrastructure costs or adjustments to your environment

With the help of AR, you can see how drugs work in 3D

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