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IPSE Collaboration Suite

A platform that integrates and optimises B2B processes by creating interconnected digital ecosystems.

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Integration of B2B processes and flows

IPSE Collaboration Suite is a platform that integrates and optimises Business to Business processes by creating interconnected digital ecosystems and facilitating:

  • collaboration between Supply Chain partners (Suppliers, Customers, 3PLs) via EDI or other formats
  • integration with internal applications (EAI).
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How Does IPSE Work?

Accelerates and simplifies the integration of B2B and EDI processes regardless of the type of partner, their internal applications, or technological limitations.

Facilitates the relationship between companies, helping them to quickly onboard new partners into the supply chain with a direct impact on productivity, process quality, and cost control.

Allows you to exchange documents with your business partners in an electronic format dynamically and reliably.

It guarantees the complete management of suppliers and provides reports and analysis of managed documents.

It offers a single interface for managing the document lifecycle: creation in the management system, conversion from the IN-HOUSE format to the standard format (agreed with the recipient partner), sending to the partner.

Main Features

The integration of B2B processes and flows is done through the 4 modules of the platform or with customised integration solutions to be installed, developed, and monitored by the client.

The main documents managed are: orders, delivery plans, order confirmations, order proposals, transport documents, shipping notices, invoices, inventories, price lists, and other file types (e.g. master data).

  • IPSE B2B: For the integration of partners (customers, suppliers, logistics operators) into the supply chain. We also offer consultancy services for the management of commercial, logistical and administrative documents.
  • IPSE SUPPLIER: WebEDI portal to integrate even low volume suppliers who do not have the technology to implement classic EDI. Automatic publication of delivery plans, orders, and guided compilation of shipments with real-time updates. Immediate control of order processing status.
  • IPSE VIEW: Reporting functions for flow visibility and dashboard analysis of documents managed with IPSE B2B. Allows you to manage notifications and alerts to detect errors and unforeseen events, improving your business strategy. It is possible to detect anomalies before they occur.
  • IPSE SYNC: It enables the integration of internal applications and the normalisation of information. The process acquires data from different sources, transforms it, and makes it available to the receiving and administrative application.