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A suite of products to manage collaboration, communication and security for organizations



DRIVE is dedicated to organizations wanting to ebrace the dynamics of Smart Working and Digital WorkPlace, and therefore have to adopt new tools to share, communicate and collaborate in a safe and flexible way.

DRIVE allows employees and other business collaborators to share files in a cross-platform fashion, enjoying access from anymobile devices and supporting cloud, on premise or hybrid architectures.

The solution provides virtual desktop services by integrating open source enterprise productivity softwares.


TALK responds to one of the key requirements of Smart Working, the need to adapt to new communication tools by following trends of the consumer world, although ebracing standardization and security needs required by the Enterprise world.

TALK enables secure and safe chat functionalities between two or more users, and audio and video calls, encrypting data and conversations relying on cloud, on-premise or hybrid architectures.

The solution is fully integrable with DRIVE.


GO is designed for organizations that want to provide support their staff on the move, fulfilling the obligations arising from the D.L. 81/08, by introducing advanced monitoring and analysis tools.

The control room monitors all transfers in real time, allows the distribution of structured contents (travel documents, security and health travel guides, etc.) and provides geolocalized alerts.

IOS and Android mobile apps allow employees to access all available information, planning variations, the activation of emergencies and implement direct communication channels with the control room via chat, call and video call.

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Digital Defense, Aerospace & Homeland Security

We enable the secure acquisition, management and distribution of data concerning military and homeland security and operations, as well as internal logistical support for sea, land, air, space and cybernetic domains.

Case Study

Global Travel Security

The GTS project aims at managing the process of authorization and coordination of travel for ENEL's personnel in a structured way, providing a permanent channel of contact both for receiving support or operational and logistical information.

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ANAS 4.0:
The Office in Your Pocket!

We take the management of office documents to the Cloud: an innovative solution for employees and security of processes.

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