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An Integrated Platform

Smart Proximity

Covid-19 and social distancing: our platform ensures safety in workplaces.

Smart Proximity is an integrated platform that analyzes, monitors and predicts personnel dangerous behaviors in the workplace, taking action in real time by sending warning messages to operators who overrun appropriate safety distances.

Each operator is equipped with a wearable Proximity Sensor that communicates with one or more nearby sensors by sending and receiving information. The generated data is sent to a server that creates a relationship graph and monitors, in real time, the respect of safety distances between operators (Proximity Monitor).

When two sensors observe that the safety distance between two operators is disregarded within a specific time interval, it immediately warns them (Proximity Messaging) through vibration, LED or sound.

Data analysis (Proximity Analytics) allows taking preventive and proactive action to ensure operators’ safety.

How does it work?

It can send proximity information (UID, timestamp and distance) to the Proximity Gateway.
It supports several communication protocols (BLE or WiFi) and sends the data received from the Proximity Sensor to the Proximity Dispatcher.
It tracks information received from the Gateway and forwards it to the Proximity Monitor and Proximity Storage.
It processes in real time the data stream received by the Dispatcher, identifying the critical events, which are then sent to Proximity Analytics.
It is a partitioned memory data grid that keeps track of the proximity information received, anonymously and for a specific period of time.
It carries out several "smart" operations (e.g. identifying relationship clusters). When it detects critical conditions, it sends related data to Proximity Messaging.
It sends messages (e.g. alerts to keep safety distances) to the Proximity Gateways; the latter then forward such messages to operators' Proximity Sensors.


Smart Proximity allows:
  • Real-time monitoring of safety distances between operators
  • Identifying dangerous behaviors and potential relationship clusters
  • Carrying out behavioral analyzes to ensure safety standards and rules
  • Sending alerts to employees to warn them upon critical behavior
  • Ensuring the protection of the individual's privacy

An innovative system to guarantee the distances between workers

Until a vaccine for Covid-19 will be unavailable, ensuring safety in the workplace will become a priority and technology will be the first tool through which implement correct behavioral rules.

Our Smart Proximity platform responds to this challenge by putting in place a straightforward solution with low structural costs, that can monitor in real time the respect for safety distances, identifying possible clusters and analyzing worker behavior in respect of privacy.

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